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Interview #409: Luke Smithers


New York City, USA.

q: Give a short introduction of yourself:
a: I make and study pictures. But more often, I gather, either objects, a marble from a pile of leafs maybe, or pieces from my eyes. I keep these things, then lay them out like berries and see what more can be made of them.

q: I like your series “


(via Dispatches from the Gateways to Death Valley)
Two rural communities have ominously declared themselves the “Gateway to Death Valley” — Baker, California and Beatty, Nevada — each isolated as the last stop before miles of harsh landscape. Photographer Pamela Littky spent time in both places from 2009 to 2012, getting to know the people there, and how they survive in the inhospitable terrain.

Double Towers Double Crescents by Bernd Proschold

  Conjunction of young crescent Moon and Venus in dusk. The pairing in this image also shows Venus as a small crescent.
  When Venus is near to the orbital position between the Earth and Sun it appears as a crescent, large enough to resolve with a mid-sized binocular or a small telescope or to image with a telephoto lens.
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